Upcoming Blog Changes and Giveaway Winners!

Hey everyone! I hope you are all well.

We have 5 winners today, which is fabulous!

But first, some housekeeping items with my soon to be changes to the blog.

Firstly, I want to let you know why it’s been a few days since I have posted any new reviews, interviews, and so forth.

I’m currently in the process of moving the blog to a self-hosted wordpress platform so I can take advantage of the java script features that are out there for bloggers (among other things).

Pretty soon, this link will redirect to my new site, and so any current subscribers will, sadly, no longer be “subscribed” to the blog.

I hope you will all check out the new blog upgrades and let me know what you think. There will be new reviews, ramblings, giveaways, author interviews, guest posts, Poetry Sundays, and other miscellaneous word fodder to follow.

Ok, housekeeping done.

And now, for the winners!

The 5 winners of the Sweet Venom Signed Swag Giveaway were picked by random.org and are:

1. Leslie Jones from Leslie’s Lexicology
2. Diana Donnelly
3. Alyssa from The Babbling Bookworm
4. Cialina from Muggle-Born.net
5. ♥ttlyoverit17♥♪ from Books & Shtuff

All the winners have been emailed and have 72 hours to email be back. After that, I will pick a new winner.

Thanks so much to Tera Lynn Childs for the signed swag and I hope you all have a great weekend full of reading, sleeping, and eating!

Until next time!



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The Winner of Margo Candela’s Good-bye to All That!

Thank you to everyone who entered the giveaway to win Margo Candela’s latest novel, Good-bye to All That!

The lucky winner of the signed Good-bye to All That is:

Skye McKay from Embracing Insanity!

Didn’t win? Don’t despair!

You can enter my other two giveaways here!

And more giveaways are coming soon, so come back and visit often!

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Rebecca Rasmussen’s The Bird Sisters Collage

I made this collage for Rebecca Rasmussen, author of upcoming novel, The Bird Sisters.

I cannot *wait* for the book to be published in April!

Check out the collage and let me know if you’re excited as well to read the book:

Connect with Rebecca:

Follow her on Twitter!
Add The Bird Sisters to your shelf on Goodreads!
“Like” The Bird Sisters on Facebook!
Check out the Rebecca’s blog!
Pre-order The Bird Sisters here!


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Poetry Sundays (5)

A few weeks ago, I featured poet Gary J. Whitehead. Being the student of Whitehead has definitely shaped my own writing.

Today, I am sharing with you a poem I wrote my senior year in high school when Whitehead went on a writer’s residency to a secluded cabin in Oregon for six months.

This poem happened to win 2nd place at my university’s annual poetry contest, the Prentiss Cheney Hoyt Poetry Contest.

I have since changed the title, but the poem is the same:

In Action

I think of the man in the woods,
his words of fat bees and the under-bellies
of planes. I imagine him in his hammock, notebook
in lap, the thick smell of sap around him.
He forms in my head, that familiar face
like the morning light. I come down the stairs
of his cabin with two tall glasses of lemonade.
I cross the field to where he lies. His beard
is short, his neck browned beneath the sun,
yet he looks peaceful, wise.
I remind him of buttered bagels
and the taste right of New Jersey.
He says, “I’ve forgotten those who’ve forgotten me.”
I speak of shells with pink insides.
He teaches me how to play chess.
I remind him of where he came from
and he reminds me of where I am going.

*What inspires you to write?*


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